Up Coming Services From H & H Couriers and Transport



With H & H Couriers and Transport being based in Canterbury, we understand only too well that life throws unexpected curve balls at both businesses, and individuals alike. After the recent earthquakes which have rattled the South Island, we frequently provide additional services to various destinations to help keep our valued customers and businesses operating smoothly, and as cost effectively as possible. While some companies increased their prices greatly during recent events, H & H Couriers and Transport helped businesses remain profitable by keeping additional charges down.


We have been proud to have helped out businesses and people of Canterbury with the rebuild over the last 5 years.


We are currently looking to establish a daily scheduled service throughout North Canterbury. We are aiming to have a dedicated unit heading from Christchurch on a daily basis with stops in Kaikoura, Blenhiem, and Picton.



Please contact Mike if you would like to arrange space on this service. Your feed back on this would be great to help us give you the customer the best service possible. Thankyou.


With a diverse range of customers throughout NZ, we are set on a path of growth and reinvestment over the coming years.